If every single adult in the world would reach out with encouragement, support, information, applause, guidance or approval to just one person a day, this world would feel an octave better in less than six months.

But why don’t we share our knowledge, experience, hope and gifts? Some days, it’s because we have a mistake heavy on our minds and we stop ourselves as an act of self-disapproval; other days, we’re tired of the trek ourselves and we simply lack sufficient energy to believe in the encouragement that we would like to give; still other days, we’ve allowed regret to sneak in and it has dulled our sparkle.

I’m here to tell you that reviving your sparkle is contagious! I’m telling you that when you push past the part of you that doesn’t believe in Tinkerbelle any more, you hit a nerve that lights you up, even after your fire feels gone.

Take a moment today to cheer someone on! Take a moment to think about the glorious “possible” and forget about the “probable”.

You and only you have a right to share how you have come through your obstacles, how you have recovered from grief, how you forged a path where there was only brambles and thorns.

Trust me, today is the day to share the hope-filled part of you, to dare to speak the words of certainty, Maybe today is the day that you will volunteer as a Mentor for a LifeStar Girl!!

So lift yourself up, It’s time to Shine Strong!!